Monday, January 6, 2020

Term Paper on Why Hungarian Invasion Was So Damaging To Europe

The Hungarian invasion had quite adverse effects on the political stability of most of European nations. This in turn crippled development in Europe both economically as well as socially. The major contributor of these destructive effects was the techniques employed during and after attacks. The Vikings and the Muslim used brutal methods to conquer cities and kingdoms in the western region, characterized by massive destruction of buildings, trade hubs as well as individuals lives. Their desire to settle in areas they succeed to conquer worsened matters the more, since they ended up interfering with the social set up of these areas. The interest to take full control of the conquered land was the driving force of the desire for settlement. As a result the political fabric was threatened and eventually torn apart as it could not withstand the brutality of the invaders as well as accommodate their selfish interests. With an unstable political system, reduced manpower and destroyed cities which happened to be trade spots, Europe’s potential to develop was greatly threatened. Their economy lacked the financial, labor and facility muscle to propel the development of the region as they had all been destroyed in the attack. A declined economy and political system meant that Europe could no longer cater for its needs independently with ease. Therefore its habitants began to seek for other alternatives so as to survive. Most of them opted to migrate out of Europe as their land had been forcefully grabbed from them hence living them homeless. In a nutshell, though these invasions had their positive side too, they were quite destructive to the west in almost every sphere; social, political and economical. The most destructive invasion of Europe The most destructive invasion was the Magyars invasion, as they had quite strong machinery which they employed in their swift and prompt attacks. There army too was quite strong and well organized in their operations as well as attacks. The organization, skill and expertise exhibited by the Magyars were largely contributed by their grat investment in the training and equipping of their army. Their leaders were also strong and able to guide them to large expedition and come out with pleasing results. With such a strong and well trained army they definitely posed a great threat to the European nations, which lacked the machinery muscle that could match the Magyar’s. Therefore the west was subjected to their brutal attack, without an equal repulsion force to counter the invasion. The Mayer’s ended up destroying their cities and killing a large number of their population. This they did without mercy and brutally, with the aim of conquering this areas and establishing settlements in them. As a result they interfered with the cultures, religious make up as well as the political set up of these areas, therefore indirectly impacting on the economy of the west and crippling there development. The invasion is thus deemed as the most destructive as it spared no city, kingdom or individual in a bid to satisfy its interests and invaded a wide area in the western region destroying the backbones of their economies and living them in shackles. Invasion’s impact on Christians view on Europe and God The invasion of Europe especially the Muslim invasion had a great impact on the Christian community who had established their empires in the west. The Muslims wanted their religion to dominate the west an idea that the Christians refused to agree to and tried hard to oppose. However the Muslims happened to be more united in their stand and had the necessary machinery to warrant their interest. There invasion had disastrous effects on the Christian culture and mannerism of doing things. This was brought about by the settlement of the Muslims in the west. They introduced there practices and advocated that they be followed by the inhabitants of Europe. The Christians as a result developed a negative view of Europe as they saw it as a region that lacked the appreciation, respect and accommodation of all faiths, to them this region was discriminative. The Muslim on the other hand pressed on with their agenda of conquering the west and establishing mosques for conduction of their rituals, as a result Islam spread across Europe was so rampant. Sheria laws and madras were also introduced in the region further increasing the presence of the Muslim community in the west. With aid of their might and strong army they attempted to subject the inhabitants of Europe to subscribe to the Muslim faith. This forceful submission to a different faith was distasteful to the Christian community and they vehemently despised the act. The Christians felt that god had abandoned them especially after the Muslims being successful in their conquest. Christianity no longer had the impact it had on social political as well as economical issues in the region as, the Muslim brothers had taken control of such sectors in the region. This led to the emergence of religious conflicts in the region as each religion tried to prove to be the best and superior to the other. A lot of lives were lost in the frequent confro9tations between the two different regions. References Bagnell, j. The Invasion of Europe by the Barbarians. New York: Norton, 1990. Gibbon, E. The History of the decline and fall of the Roman empire. New York: William Y.Birth, 1994. Michie, A. The invasion of Europe: The story behind D-day. Michigan: Dodd Mead, 1989.

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